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Smashed is aligned to the Australian, and individual State based Health F-10 Curriculum
Smashed is also an excellent addition to school pastoral and wellbeing programs.

With a focus on the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to make healthy and safe choices, Smashed examines environments that influence health, safety, relationships and wellbeing at an individual and community level.

Links to version 9.0

Individual state-based links along with V9 and V8.4 content elaborations are found in the teacher resource downloads.

General Capabilities

Critical and creative thinking
Personal and social capability
Ethical understanding

Focus Areas

Alcohol and other drugs
Mental health & wellbeing
Relationships and Consent


Identities and change
Year 7-8 AC9HP8P02, AC9HP8P03
Year 9-10 AC9HP10P01, AC9HP10P02, AC9HP10P02

Interacting with others
Year 7-8 AC9HP8P04, AC9HP8P06, AC9HP8P07
Year 9-10 AC9HP10P04, AC9HP10P06, AC9HP10P07

Making healthy & safe choices
Year 7-8 AC9HP8P08, AC9HP8P09
Year 9-10 AC9HP10P08, AC9HP10P09

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