What Everyone is Saying

It was truly wonderful to have so many students engaged and actively discussing the issues of alcohol, peer pressure and risk following the outstanding performance!

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Dean of Students, St Andrew's Anglican College

What teachers are saying

Great program that adds to existing curriculum. Students were engaged and content sparked good classroom discussion.

The interactive videos were an engaging way of presenting the content to the students and managed to keep them captivated for the duration of the period.

…PDHPE resources are often quite dry and outdated, so this is program is a welcome change.” “PDHPE is filled with goofy embarrassing videos. This is exactly what we (teachers) need!

There isn’t anything like this!

Smashed is an educational programme dedicated to reducing alcohol consumption and alcohol related harm amongst young people across Australia. The programme tours schools with a live theatre performance and is available as an online digital lesson. Both mediums are aligned to the Australian and state based curricula and supported by teaching resources.

We use an outcomes-based evaluation framework which enables us to measure the immediate impact of the programme on student knowledge, awareness, attitudes and intention. Essentially, we are interested in measuring whether there has been any increase in knowledge and awareness of the adverse effects of underage drinking and whether there has been any shift in students’ values and attitudes towards underage drinking.

What students are saying


of students said they are less likely to drink alcohol underage after taking part in Smashed​


of students thought it was a good way to learn about the dangers of underage drinking

Smashed Evaluation 2023

What Teachers are saying


of teachers say the program was well produced and presented


of teachers say their students understand more about the dangers of underage drinking than before​


of teachers would like the program to return next year